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Orkin Pest & Termite Control
Termite Control, Bee Removal, Pest Control
Phone: (877) 710-4045
Address: ,
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Laborde Pest Management
Visa Accepted, Bee Removal, Pest Control, Mastercard Accepted
Phone: (507) 282-2380
Address: 221 2nd St NW Byron, MN 55920
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All Rodent Control
Pest Control
Phone: (507) 421-6920
Address: 3822 2nd St NW Rochester, MN 55901
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Clip & Dip Grooming and Boarding Inc.
Kennels, Pet Grooming, Wholesale Pest Control Equipment, Pet Boarding & Sitting
Phone: (507) 252-9682
Address: 5959 Valleyhigh Rd NW Rochester, MN 55901
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Tru Green
Tree Services, Shrub Services, Fertilize Lawns, Trees
Phone: (507) 216-0968
Address: 6636 10th Ave SW Rochester, MN 55902
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Lemke Pest Control
Crop Maintenance, Lawn Maintenance, Pest Control
Phone: (507) 259-1077
Address: 5391 Castleview Dr NW Rochester, MN 55901
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All Pest Exterminating Co
Bee Removal, Pest Control
Phone: (507) 289-2869
Address: 628 Cortland Ln SW Rochester, MN 55902
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Absolute Pest Elimination
Pest Control
Phone: (507) 292-1843
Address: 1804 2nd St SW Apt 2 Rochester, MN 55902
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Rove Pest Control
Pest Control
Phone: (651) 383-4688
Address: 4481 N Frontage Rd 11 Rochester, MN 55901
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Spring-Green Lawn Care
Crop Maintenance, Tree Services, Lawn Spraying, Landscaping
Phone: (507) 281-1221
Address: 25 9 1/2 St SE 1 Rochester, MN 55904
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If you have a mouse running around your home, what is the best way to get rid of it? Of course, you can hire a mouse extermination service, however, it would be wiser to just do the job yourself. You can buy snap mouse traps for around $6. If you don’t want any killing involved you can, instead, purchase a “smart” mouse trap, which involves no killing, for around $16. Whenever you deal with mice Rat Prevention Hayfield MN you want to make sure that you wash your hands and disinfect the area, which you think the mice frequently visit.

What are some ways to prevent mice from getting into your home in the first place? The key is to keep your home and surrounding property as neat and clean as possible. You don’t want any crumbs lying around in your kitchen, for example. You want there to be as little potential shelter for rodents Hayfield MN as well. This means that your firewood should be tightly covered up and that you should not have piles of leaves, dirt, etc, around your property. You can plant or spray peppermint around the perimeter of your house because mice hate that smell. Some people get really creative and place cat urine from a litter box, where they think the mice is likely to go to. You should inspect the outside of your house and Termite Killer Hayfield MN see if there are any holes, which need sealing. Because mice can get through holes as small as a nickel, even the smallest holes can be potential entrances into your home.

Pest Control Services in Hayfield MN 55940

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