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One of the most frustrating types of pest infestations are associated with drain flies also known as moth flies. These pests can easily become a serious and hazardous indoor situation.

Drain flies are classified as an insect and a common pest in Florida. They are easily identifiable by their extremely small size and fuzzy appearance. The adult size is 1/5 of an Pest Control Services Near Me Jackson OH inch long. In fact, this insect is a horrible flier due to the size of its wings and body and when in flight their fling pattern is typically short and chaotic. A drain fly has a set of antennae broken into 13 segments which act similar to a tongue. It helps them locate their food.

Your drains, over time, accumulate an organic Jackson OH build-up of the material or foods you wash down the drains. This build-up is food to these flies you may be encountering. Many home owners are left confused and dumbfounded at the sight of flies in their kitchen or bathroom. Where are they coming from? Due to the size of a drain fly, unfortunately they can fit through your screens, small Insect Exterminator Near Me Jackson OH cracks or holes near windows, and easily gain access at times of others entrances.

Why Do I Have Flies Indoors? It has been identified that drain flies are attracted to moisture of damp sources. It is obvious a drain in the sink will provide the ideal environment for these flies to inhabit. Luckily, these insects do not bite; however pose many health Jackson OH risks to a human. Due to the poor quality of their flight patterns, drain flies can very easily be drifted into sewer treatment plants or landfills. Here they pick up harmful pathogens that lead to human illnesses. Naturally, drain flies breed in filthy locations such as these landfills, sewers, grease traps, and even clogged drains. These are not the pests you Jackson OH want indoors. Drain Flies or Moth Flies pose many serious health risks when present in your home.

Ridding drain flies from a home is challenging without the assistance of a professional exterminator and proper products used specifically for drain flies. Fly problems require many different approaches to ensure that they have been properly treated. The methods used involve finding the source, determining Jackson OH physical means of exclusion, changing sanitation habits that are conducive to flies breeding, and finally chemical pest control methods.

Maintenance suggestions to decrease the chance of having these pests indoors are to routinely clean the drains and other damp sources inside your home or outdoors. If you notice flies, immediately contact a pest control company for an inspection, consultation and possible treatment Jackson OH in order to catch the problem before it becomes an outbreak.

Pest Control Services in Jackson OH 45640

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