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MNT Pest Control
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Phone: (718) 904-7671
Address: 225 Hillside Pl. Eastchester, NY 10709
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Comet Pest Control
Pest Control
Phone: (914) 361-3020
Address: 17 Mill Rd Eastchester, NY 10709
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Classic Pest Control
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Phone: (914) 337-8200
Address: 136 Park Ave Eastchester, NY 10709
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Better Work Pest Control
Pest Control
Phone: (914) 361-3118
Address: 119 Cresthill Rd Yonkers, NY 10710
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Nm Pest Control Inc.
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Phone: (914) 510-3664
Address: 466 Castle St Brownsville, NY 10708
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Eastchester Pest Control
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Phone: (914) 574-4244
Address: 688 Post Rd Scarsdale, NY 10583
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Ability Pest Control
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Phone: (914) 380-8405
Address: 1335 North Ave New Rochelle, NY 10804
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Leader Pest Control
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Phone: (914) 380-8406
Address: 1319 North Ave New Rochelle, NY 10804
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Ams Pest Control & Home Inspection
Pest Control
Phone: (914) 723-4089
Address: 8 Winding Ln Scarsdale, NY 10583
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High Tech Pest Management System
Pest Control
Phone: (914) 793-1634
Address: 63 Hickory Hill Rd Eastchester, NY 10709
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I planted my garden a couple days ago, and a mosquito bit me.
My focus suddenly became peaked on flying objects, and I noticed a number of the pesky critters hovering around me. No doubt visualizing bull’s eyes on every patch of bare skin they spotted.
Yesterday as I sat in my office a buzzing noise suddenly distracted me and I caught rapid movement at the edges of Termite Killer Tuckahoe NY my vision. When I trained my eyes in that direction I saw one of those big black bottle flies dive-bombing at me from various directions.
When my frozen mind turns to thoughts of thawing out in spring I start watching the yard for that first Robin. It’s my first promising sign of spring.
Unfortunately those other flying creatures, the ones we don’t want anywhere near us, are a Tuckahoe NY sign of spring too. We could sure do without them couldn’t we? But one fact we all must face is that the journey to enjoying every pleasure requires overcoming the obstacles that life places in our way.
Those mosquitoes and flies that invade our cookouts and picnics are part of the obstacles we deal with to welcome spring.
There are ways of battling them though, and I’ll let Mice Exterminator Tuckahoe NY you in on a couple of them here. Hopefully what I’ve learned about flying pests will give you some helpful weapons for you pest control arsenal to let you relax during your out-of-doors adventures.
Mosquitoes are very weak flyers. If there’s a breeze they’ll find a place to land out of the wind, and wait it out. That’s a good piece of knowledge for you to own. If you’re Tuckahoe NY sitting on your patio, or in the yard, for a cookout and these rascals start biting you just bring out a couple of floor fans and plug them in. Train them so they cover the whole area of your cookout and blow outward from that area. The mosquitoes can’t fly against the fan’s breeze, and won’t bother you. This method works if you place enough fans to cover the entire Tuckahoe NY area where everyone is sitting.
Mosquitoes find their targets by smell. Give them a scent they don’t like, and they’ll stay away. One item you’ll find in many households that gives off an odor they don’t care for is Listerine. I’ve placed spots of it on my neck, wrists, and legs while camping and kayaking, and gone bite free for up to two days with one application.
Listerine Tuckahoe NY also helps keep the flies away too, but in my experience it works better on the mosquitoes.
Get a small spray bottle and fill it with Listerine. Mix 2/3-Listerine with 1/3-water and make it last longer if you like, but a large bottle is not very pricey at Wal-Mart. Spray the lawn and deck floor around where you’re sitting, and you’re protected fairly well. Another area to spray is Tuckahoe NY around picnic tables (especially where the food is), swings, and any standing water.
Keep them out of the house by spraying around door and window frames, and give the dog some comfort with a spray inside the doghouse.
Cleaning pet feces from your yard regularly effectively keeps the fly population down. They multiply by laying eggs in pet waste. I’ve also found that flies don’t care for the Tuckahoe NY smell of bounce fabric softener. I usually roll a sheet up in a headband, and tie another sheet to a belt loop.
With a few easy actions like those above you’ll increase your spring and summertime outdoor pleasure by creating a mosquito and fly-free environment.

Pest Control Services in Tuckahoe NY 10707

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